Sunday, July 20, 2014

Using ASUS-RT-N56U In Bridge mode

Primary Modem/Router - ARRIS
Secondary Router - ASUS RT-N56U

Remember to get atleast 2 RJ-45 cables long enough. Cable 1 will connect Primary and Secondary router. Cable 2 will connect Primary router to a computer (laptop or desktop with a WLAN adapter - means wireless capability). Connect cable 1 and cable 2.

Access Primary router ( with log in credentials) via any web browser. Go to basic set up or wireless set up and disable it or uncheck it. Go to network setting and enable the LAN setting and connect to internet. Check whether internet is working or not. If working, proceed to next steps below.

Access Secondary router ( with log in credentials default being admin/admin). Go to Administration --> Select AP Mode. Set up network key for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Save the options. Go to WAN settings and connect to secondary router using appropriate network key.

ASUS RT-N56U has better range and coverage. Also it is dual band which help in maintaining excellent service across different devices.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Setting up Chromebook with 24Online and Siti-Broadband via wired connection

24Online is the ISP authentication to access internet. On any windows or linux system, you need to download the appropriate client and install it. Before accessing internet, fire up the application and put in your account credentials and you can start browsing.

Siti-Broadband is the cable broadband provider.

Gather the following details before proceeding:
1. IP configuration. Call your broadband and get the following information - IP Adress, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and DNS Servers. If you are using the exisiting internet connection on  a windows desktop, go to Start --> All Programs --> Accessories --> Command Prompt. Type "ipconfig /all".
2. 24Online account details

Follow the steps below to connect your Chromebook
1. Open your Chromebook and connect the Ethernet cable
2. Go to settings
3. Open Ethernet settings
4. Select manual entry. Populate the details stored in the earlier steps. Remember to select the preferred servers and put the DNS Servers info collected earlier in the same order they were originally found. This step is not important for actual access to internet.
5. Restart your Chromebook
6. Log in to your off-internet account.
7. Open your chrome browser and go to
and plugin your account log in details.
8. Now you should be able to access internet.
9. A neat trick would be to add the above webpage in the settings --> Advanced setting --> Open this webpage on start up. Save the password when you log in the first time. That way, you do not need to log in everytime to access internet, Chromebook will do that for you every time you log in.

Thursday, January 01, 2009


Statue in front of Victoria Memorial
The lion statue at the entrance of the Victoria Memorial Hall, Calcutta. In retrospective, I guess adding a small portion of out-of-focus background structure would have been better. Rather, I would try to do that in my photoshop.

Victoria Memorial Hall
The victoria memorial hall is one of the widely photographed monument of Calcutta. More of its history can be found on web. Since, our group was carrying plastic bags which are banned inside the premise, I had to wait outside. This photograph was taken from the entry fence by an 18-55 lens. The idea was to take it in full glory mimicking the usual post card photos. A little bit of photoshopping had to be done to straighten and sharpen the image. The original image is cropped to place the monument symmetrically over the domain.

Saint John Paul Cathedral
The cathedral is just behind the Birla Planetorium. Due to space problem, I couldnt capture the whole structure in my second image which might have included unwarranted things. There is converging vertical problem in both the images (more pronounced in the first one). My lens is a trypical 18-55 kit lens. Is their any cheap alternative to correct this kind of problem ?

Birla Planetorium


This photo taken at the entrance of the beach is photoshopped with the view to bisect the domain into two parts symmetrically placed about the horizon. This is one of the best beaches in Andaman (others being relatively crowded). You can even see the remnants of tsunami effect in the form of trunks of uprooted trees lying on the beach till now. 

All the photos are taken at Wandoor Beach, Andaman.


The above image taken at the lawn of Celullar Jail, Port Blair. A little bit of photoshopping is done to add creepy effects. 

The Cellular Jail is constructued in a star fish manner with the structure at the top right at the center of the jail. All together there are 6 arms. This is a side view of one of them.

Another arm.

A front view of one of the arm. 

Atop one of the arm. I have tried to over saturate the color to enhance the green effect but it seems with my photoshopping abilities, the sky color is degenerating fast. Ideally, I would like to over saturate this one to make sky deep blue and vegetation deep green to give a grotesque feel. I will come back to this one again once I get my hands dirty on gimp.

A view of Port Blair evening from the top of Cellular Jail.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Virginia Tech

Patton Hall, Dept. of Civil Engg.

Johnston Brown Center, Burger King

Norris Hall, Dept. of Engg Sc. and Mechanics

Performing Arts Building

Torgersen Bridge

Newman Library

Burrus Hall

Patton Hall, Dept. of Civil Engg.