Thursday, January 01, 2009


Statue in front of Victoria Memorial
The lion statue at the entrance of the Victoria Memorial Hall, Calcutta. In retrospective, I guess adding a small portion of out-of-focus background structure would have been better. Rather, I would try to do that in my photoshop.

Victoria Memorial Hall
The victoria memorial hall is one of the widely photographed monument of Calcutta. More of its history can be found on web. Since, our group was carrying plastic bags which are banned inside the premise, I had to wait outside. This photograph was taken from the entry fence by an 18-55 lens. The idea was to take it in full glory mimicking the usual post card photos. A little bit of photoshopping had to be done to straighten and sharpen the image. The original image is cropped to place the monument symmetrically over the domain.

Saint John Paul Cathedral
The cathedral is just behind the Birla Planetorium. Due to space problem, I couldnt capture the whole structure in my second image which might have included unwarranted things. There is converging vertical problem in both the images (more pronounced in the first one). My lens is a trypical 18-55 kit lens. Is their any cheap alternative to correct this kind of problem ?

Birla Planetorium

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