Thursday, January 01, 2009


The above image taken at the lawn of Celullar Jail, Port Blair. A little bit of photoshopping is done to add creepy effects. 

The Cellular Jail is constructued in a star fish manner with the structure at the top right at the center of the jail. All together there are 6 arms. This is a side view of one of them.

Another arm.

A front view of one of the arm. 

Atop one of the arm. I have tried to over saturate the color to enhance the green effect but it seems with my photoshopping abilities, the sky color is degenerating fast. Ideally, I would like to over saturate this one to make sky deep blue and vegetation deep green to give a grotesque feel. I will come back to this one again once I get my hands dirty on gimp.

A view of Port Blair evening from the top of Cellular Jail.

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